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fmcloud is a small, but perfectly formed, web design & application development studio, carved out next-generation sites for the new-web. We revolutionise how your business uses the internet.

Application Development

Creating killer web applications is our passion. From conception to implementation, through to hosting and scaling, we're with you at every stage — ready to turn your idea into successful reality.

Fast Solutions to Big Problems

When you run a small business, even the small problems are big problems. Day-to-day operations don't stop when problems pop-up. With the help of FileMaker® Pro, fmCloud can rapidly develop small applications to make your life easier. A quality database doesn't need to be expensive. For as little as a few hundred dollars you can have a database that helps you do anything from managing photos or phone numbers to controlling your entire business process to reduce employee errors and variations. And since you pay for it once and will use it for years, the solutions we develop save you hundreds or even thousands when compared to employee mistakes.

Sales Automation

Managing the customer communication process is vital to any B2B small business. Knowing what you, your salesperson or anyone else in your company has said to a prospect or customer is critical to your success. fmcloud can develop systems that are customized to the way you do business, assuring every communication is tracked and readily available to you and your sales staff.

Accounting Integration

Do your business systems talk to your accounting program? Many small companies have a variety of systems that work well but don't work together. This can result in piles of papers on employees desk, billing delays and even lost sales transactions. fmcloud can develop or modify a variety of business systems to communicate with each other and with the popular QuickBooks® small business accounting program.

Streamline Operations

Do your employees 'push papers through the pipe'? From one desk to the next to the next? Or maybe exceptions are the rule so everything works fine, until there's one oddity? In either case, fmcloud can make your life easier. A quality custom database can take the paper out of paperwork assuring nothing gets lost and reducing delays. And databases don't just manage the easy stuff. Managing the exceptions is the rule at Deploy Tech. We can develop tools that help you manage the hard stuff.

For more information about what we can do for your small business, give us a call at 201-661-1210. There is no obligation and you will be sure to get some valuable and free information during the conversation.

Web & Interface Design

We believe clarity and simplicity are key in user interface design, which is why we build sites and web-based applications that are both beautiful and uncomplicated to use. Your customers will love you for it.

Ongoing Support

We continue to work with the majority of our clients on an ongoing basis long after most projects are "complete" and recognise that successful online brands need to continually evolve to stay successful. We've got your back.


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